Something to Believe In

from by Toby Foster

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for every day you're disappointed
there's another day you find something to believe in
like the look in your eyes when you're singing
think i know just about what you're thinking
and these are the days that we'll talk about when we're old and jaded
i can see it now
it's first friday, we're slurring our words
we don't do this too much anymore, i swear
we're ignoring the bartender closing, talking about our glory days
'cause for every day you find something to believe in
there's another day you're disappointed
like how i hate songs about singing, but i still write songs about singing
how i hate songs about drinking
what else do you do as you slowly descend into high functioning alcoholism?
you're in control, but just barely
you're speeding or slamming on the brakes prematurely or just a few seconds too late
i'm assigning human qualities to cats and dogs
i swear i'm fine
but i'm feeling sentimental for lost t-shirts, certain hand soaps, and math homework
the feeling that washes over me i can't explain
except that for every day you're disappointed
at least it's another day to find something to believe in that will outlast your next disappointment


from 100 Ways, released June 2, 2017




Toby Foster Bloomington, Indiana


  • Oct 27
    Gainesville, FL

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